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***FREE DELIVERY within 10 mile radius OR orders over $200.00***

**All Prices are subject to change.**

*$150.00 Fee for Smoker at Event*
Each Additional Mile $2.00 charge


** All prices are subject to change**
Due to Meat Market Value



Hula Hula BBQ       $10.95 per person

Includes Smoked Sliced Chicken Breast, Sausage (Polish or Hot Links), 1 Side, Dinner Salad, Hawaiian Rolls


The Islands Caribbean BBQ   $12.95 per person

Includes Smoked Pulled Pork, Chicken Leg Quarters, 2 Sides, Dinner Salad, Hawaiian Rolls

The Islands Smokehouse $14.95 per person

Includes Smoked Tri Tip OR Brisket, Smoked BBQ Chicken Breast OR Smoked Pulled Pork/OR Ends, 2 Sides, Dinner Salad, Hawaiian Buns for Sandwiches

The Big Kahuna BBQ $19.95 per person

Includes Tri Tip OR Brisket, Smoked Pork Spare Ribs, Smoked Chicken Breast OR Leg Quarters, 2 Sides, Dinner Salad, Sweet Hawaiian Buns & Rolls



*$200 Minimum Order for Package Option

*72 hour notice is required for all catering.  

*We include disposable plates, napkins, flatware and serving utensils at events where we are serving.

*$200 for smoker and Pit-master on premises.

*$150 Serving line fee for all packages with service.Max serving time is 2.5 hours. Please see our A La Carte section for customizing your package. Add $2.50 per person for desserts. 5% discount for 400+ people. Through a third party, we have available; party tables, chairs, tents, DJ service. We can quote per request. 30% deposit required upon booking.

A La Carte

Add to any package


Per person

Smoked BBQ Chicken          $3.00

Smoked St. Louis Ribs         $4.00

Smoked Tri Tip                 $4.00

Grilled Hot Links               $2.50

Smoked Pulled Pork             $3.00

Texas-style Beef Brisket      $4.00

Smoked Salmon                 $4.00

Smoked Meatloaf               $3.00



Add to any package

All $1.25 per person

Cheddar Mac and Cheese

BBQ Tri Tip Beans

Smoked Potato Salad

Kamikaze Coleslaw

Maui Macaroni Salad

Cowboy Chili

Caribbean Jerk Spiced Smoked Ranch Beans

Steamed Mixed Veggies

Corn on the Cob

Fresh Fruit

Aloha Meatballs

BBQ Trays

All meat is smoked for hours using an apple and cherry wood blend. All meat trays feed about 15-20 people. ( Trays are roughly 4.5 pounds of smoked meat per tray at  1/4 pound per person) Trays may also be ordered in half sizes! *Selected meat tray prices include Hawaiian Slider Buns and BBQ Sauce. Pick up or Drop off only. Chafing dishes are not included. Available for rental upon request. Paper products: plates, utensils, napkins $15 charge.


Smoked Meats                   Per tray

BBQ Smoked Leg Quater (2 Tray Min) $65
BBQ Smoked St. Louis Ribs (36 ct) $70

BBQ Louisiana Hot Links $75

Smoked Pulled Pork*   $85

Smoked Sliced Chicken Breast*  $85
Sliced Smoaked Meatloaf $110
Sweet Bourbon Pork Burnt Ends*    $110

Smoked Sliced Tri Tip* $120

Smoked Sliced/Chopped Brisket*  $120


Per tray

Side trays serve roughly 30+ servings at 6-7 ounces per person

Mixed Green Salad (2 side dressing) $30

Super Slaw Coleslaw $35

Maui Macaroni Salad $40

Smoked Potato Salad $45

Mixed Steamed Vegetables (seasonal)   $35

Fresh Fruit Tray (seasonal) $45

Cheddar Mac and Cheese $67

BBQ Tri Tip Beans $67
Vegan Pasta Salad $75
Cornbread $25
Sweet Hawaiin Buns 3.25" (20 ct) $17
Large French Bread (20 ct) $35
Extra Sauces - 16 oz $5 each
Serving Utensils, Plates Napkins, 20ct $20
 - Each additional 20 ct $10.00


Per tray

(Premium Choice Meats, 4 Diamond Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Veggie, 3 types of cheese available. Also available in wraps!)

Small Deli Tray – 6 Large Sandwiches cut into 12-24 pieces  $25

Medium Deli Tray – 10 Large Sandwiches cut into 20-40 pieces depending on preference.        $40

Large Deli Tray – 15 Large Sandwiches cut into 30-60 pieces depending on preference.        $70


Desserts and Drinks available upon request.

***All prices are subject to change. If you have a large party, we can work a special deal for you a per person basis. We have many examples.
Call Tawny, Jennifer or Kim @ 760-243-DELI.


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